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April 21st, 2015

07:38 am: 8 years
It has been a long time, and I am not sure anyone even remembers this journal.

I still miss Pouch. I still cry and wonder what I could have done different to save him. At the same time I am glad that he is no longer in pain. He was a great man that changed my life in so many ways.

I miss you Pouch. I wish you could come home.

Toast The Rabbit

May 29th, 2007

10:32 am: Thank you everyone once again! Charity Update.
Thanks to a VERY generous donation from one of me and pouchs very close personal friends, my ticket to australia has been covered in full, and Oz Kangaroo and T'zup have generally offered thier home as a place to stay while I am down there. which means ALL of the money I have raised will be directly donated to charity.

I am still working my tail off to raise funds. I can cover my expenses and have even pledged 500$ currently of my own to donate, the number may grow as my departure nears. my goal personally is to donate 1000$ of my own funds, plus everything everyone has donated.

Currently, with my contribution, $2100 has been raised in pouches name. Again this is ALL for the kangaroo sanctuary that I choose when I get to AU. I will remain collecting until december, when I leave. once arriving I will be staying with Oz and T'zup so it frees up alot more of my finances.

I have alot of pride in the fandom And this is why, thank you everyone for just everything.

if you'd like to make a contribution, here is how:

Paypal: rainhopperroo@adelphia.net
all other: please email for address

Thank you guys again and again. your all just amazing.

May 26th, 2007

01:06 am: Just got the report
The coroner finally got back to pouches family, and the word was passed on to me from his mom.

Aparently pouch was Diagnosed with Diabetes, which he was later told was incorrect... He died of diabetic coma.

May 20th, 2007

12:32 am: Pouchhopper charity collection and cards for his mom
I've raised well over 1600$ now and a few people are out looking for just the right charity. I will be going down personally, and a good friend has even offered his flyer miles to help.

please help keep this momentum going. We've raised more than I ever expected and its really given me something to focus on.

Thnk you everyone, I will be collecting until the day I leave which will be a few months down the road, and I WILL be posting the name and information of the charity I choose if you'd like to make a personal donation afterward.

here is the link to my original post, please continue to pass this around, some people still dont know of his passing.

I would also like to keep collecting cards for Pouchhoppers mom. please email me at the paypal address to get the mailing info so I can take those over to her.

Shes a wonderful woman who accepted me into her home when me and pouch met. she is one of the sweetest and most careing people you will ever meet, and right now she is grieving. I appreciate everyone who has been there for me, but she REALLY needs support and I know we can pull together. so if you cant really contribute anything to the collection, then send a card with some kind words. I am really worried about her, and I want to do everything I can for her to help her through these times, I will deal with myself later, she is more important.

http://pouchhopper.livejournal.com/41310.html <--- the information for the charity collection

rainhopperroo@adelphia.net for the mailing address to send cards for pouchhoppers mom.

Thank you everyone, the furry fandom is the most beautiful group I have ever been a part of, and I will continue on pouches dream somehow. its going to take alot of time and money, but he had a dream, and I am going to make it real. For the love of my husband, and the love of those around him, his name will mean something wonderful. I promise you all this.

May 16th, 2007

10:08 am: just wow
I want to thank everyone so very much.

so far well over $1000 has been raised in pouches name for donation to a roo sanctuary. I think of everything people have done to help me through this, this has been helping the most, seeing people put in anything from a few bucks to well over 150$ and watching it grow. waggs should have a site up this weekend.

Thank you everyone, pouchhopper would be speachless and I know I am.

for now if you'd like to donate its through paypal, or if you'd like to send a money order or cashiers check or personal check just email me at the paypal address

paypal: rainhopperroo@adelphia.net

for an explanation, see pouches lj for an explanation.

May 14th, 2007

04:44 pm: The collection is going wonderfully
I want to hug everyone whos passed the word around, so far 300$ has been raised. its really putting a smile on my muzzle, and looking around at some of the sanctuary web sites in 2 days I've collected more than a few of them collect in a whole month (aside from the AWF)

Thank you everyone.

May 13th, 2007

07:06 pm: I Need Your help. (donations)
I will be planning a trip to the australian outback within the next few months to spread pouches ashes where the kangaroos call home.

I am going to set up a donation box in the next few days, and I will post the web address as well here in LJ. Any money that isnt used for the purpose of getting out there will be collected and donated in person to a kangaroo refuge, in person, in the name of pouchhopper and the furries of the world.

Please pass this around, post it to every furry group, every livejournal, every blog and furry hangout. I will target a santuary center that would generally be overlooked because it is privately owned and operated by people who adopt orphaned joeys, much as pouch was adopted as an orphan himself, to give them a second chance at life.

If you can spare anything, a dollar, some change anything, please do so.

Waggs and Pawfan will help me keep tabs on the dollar amount. and in the event of an overflow, they will help me set up new accounts.

paypal donations: rainhopperroo@adelphia.net
cash check or money order donations: email me privately at the above address with the subject Pouchhopper and I will give you my home mailing address.


May 12th, 2007

07:42 pm: Cards for Pouches mom and family
If anyone would like to send cards to pouches mom, please email me rainhopperroo at yahoo dot com and I will forward you my address and hand them to her personally.

I know its a bit of a drawn out process, but there has been alot of vandalism on pouches lj, wikifur entry and pouches mom doesnt need to get drawn into all of that. I'm not going to get upset with them, they couldnt understand what its like to lose a loved one like this, and I would never wish it on them.

messages of how her son touched your lives would probably help lift her spirits because right now for as bad of shape that I am in, shes alot worse.

thanks again to everyone for your support, please crosspost my entries to the lists and the groups incase anyone else would like to do so.

Pouch touched alot of lives and I think it would make his mother smile to know how many people he helped.

May 10th, 2007

11:14 pm: The memories of my husband
I couldnt post thisa comment, as lj has a limit.

I remember when I first met pouchhopper. I was living in plymouth with my then mate revvy rabbit. Pouchhopper was in another relationship, was working on a bunch of amazing fursuits and was managing to squeeze it all in between his job schedual. he was such a bright wonderful person. I almost cried the day I met him, to believe such a soul existed in this or any other world was unreal to me. It wasnt long after that that he injured his back at work, and was fired after he was set to go to the hospital for surgery. He was angry with his employer, but I was going through some tough times with the recent loss of my mother, he would always put aside his pain to sit and listen, he never gave status quo advice, it was always honest and sometimes brutal, and he would dish it out as a father to a son, even though our age diffrences were not that great. he was 30 years old.

I had just turned I believe 20. As the days moved on, his relationship took some rocky turns, and still he would open his ears and his heart to me when I need him, the pains from his injuries only getting worse as time went on, but that loving smile that you could hear in a phone conversation never changed. I felt terrible at times with how much I soaked his shoulder over our conversations on the internet. I'd even lend him an open ear so he could let down his guard about his life and his situations. even with everything that happened, he would still smile everyday.

by 2004 I had decided to move to california for a short time to come and meet him, I remember pulling up infront of his house, he was standing in the front lawn with a cigar in his muzzle, and a cane in his paw, a hose in the other. we said very little at first, I showed up dressed as usual outlandishly, he opened his arms and hugged me tightly, then invited me back into his garage which had been converted into a small fursuit workshop. we sat and talked for what must have been hours before I met his mother.

She herself was a wonderful woman, warm and careing, and every bit as southern as I was (I spent my developmental years in the south, losing the twang overtime) she came out to ask pouch to come back inside, she was a timly person who loved all of pouches friends, and we never gave a huff about her house rules becasue we respected her so much. over time I learned that he was taking care of her, even with the lawsuit he was in against his former employer, and spending time making fursuits and plushies for friends. it was a short visit, maybe a few months. but I spent every moment I could with him. we could always make eachother smile.

Not long after that trip, I had another set of events in my life that really sent me on a downward spiral, he was there to catch me, it was now 2005 and after everythingcame to pass, I gathered up the courage to ask him to be my mate. his acceptance left me speachless, the idea that someone so beautiful would accept, well I was in tears.

Shortly there after I moved back to california, unfortunately pouchhoppers body was in far worse shape than before. but even with that, he still greeted me with the same warm smile every day I saw him. his story was heroic in my eyes. I stayed by his side, providing him the shoulder he needed to keep pushing through life the very same he had given to me.

after finding him a better attorney, we found out that he had a tumor on his spine, and it was growing rapidly, so in late 2006 he went in for surgery to have it removed. as they wheeled him out of surgery, he was still under the influence of several pain killers and other drugs, iv's and bags all over the place, he still looked up into my eyes with a smile and with a moment of keen wit, he said to me "well my joey, I just gave birth to our first baby, 9 lbs" refering to the size of the tumor. he then proceeded to look around himself and smile, even giggle a bit. it was the first time he called me his guardian angel. becasue of the fast action of the new lawyers he found a new doctor that not only identified the tumor, but demanded that it be removed. he then told me something he didnt even want to tell me until after the surgery, the doctor had given him 3 months to live if the tumor had not been removed, he didnt want me or anyone else to worry about him anymore than they already did.

It was also around that time in which I had asked him to marry me. It wasnt as romantic as I had hoped for, but it never comes out the way you plan. I had this amazing speach I was going to give to him, about how inspireing he had been all throughout our lives, and how I wanted him to know how much I truely loved him, no matter how bad a shape he was in. It got shorteded t "pouchhopper, when we started this relationship I told you for rich or poor, sickness and health, I would stay by your side, never to leave you, I'd like to ask you to marry me, if you'll give me such an honor"

We planned the wedding, it wasnt easy, vows were written and hidden from eachother of course. places were chosen, and the excitement grew as the big day neared. it was the weekend after FC, we expected a larger turnout but realized that we planned it right after everyones finances were drained, and ofcourse the con crud was making its rounds.

2 the ranting gryphon flew in just for the wedding and reception the ceremony was pulled together with the help of all of my friends and even waggs family. I remember walking to the park in a huge line, all of the fursuiters were in full suit. kids and parents were out in thier yards, it was even raining a little, so the temperature was nice and coolwe walked down the isles and had our friends read the vows. we stayed quiet in suit, I was stitched in tightly. this was something pouch had always dreamed of doing.

It wasnt long after that we got a notice from the doctor, pouch was diagnosed with scoliosis, and was told that his tumor might be returning. they sent him in for a number of bloodtest as well, he never told me why. even then, even with the doctor telling him that he was going to be in a chair within the next 5 to 10 years he still kept pushing with a smile, that same childish enthusiastic smile he had the day I met him. he had his off days but he never gave up hope.

I will never forget you mommaroo, always remember your joey loves you.


May 9th, 2007

09:40 pm: Pouchhoppers Wikifur
Pouchhopper now has a dedicated Wikifur entry, I would like to ask anyone whos known him to please add anything they can to it that its missing. Pouch did alot not only for the fandom but as charity work and there was alot I never got to learn about him myself from his early years.



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